Photo Essay: Concerts & Red Carpets


London is a huge entertainment capital – not quite LA or NYC, but it is close behind. I went to two concerts and two red carpet events while abroad, and they were both new and exciting experiences.

While in London, I attended two concerts: one at the iconic Hammersmith Apollo, just a bus ride away from campus, and the other at the O2 Arena in southeast London. This isn’t a normal “travel” post, but I wanted to share because both bands are from the UK. There was something special about the environment – not to mention that it was One Direction’s last show together.

The marquee sign outside of the Hammersmith Apollo for The 1975.
This was my first concert in standing-room only admission. It was quite terrifying and I had to back out away from the front, even though we had made it down there. Plus, my height was a huge disadvantage.
The 1975’s set is full of incredible colors and really fits the aesthetic of their new album and each song.


A chance to see a great band with even better friends – priceless!

Ahh, One Direction. My third One Direction concert, to be exact. I had previously seen them in Chicago twice, but seeing them for their last show together is both an experience I would never trade and really sad. They made such a huge impact on my late teenage years and I will always remember what their music meant to me!
The O2 Arena was massive, so even though my seat wasn’t that far away, my camera phone hardly did the trick. Bless the large HQ screens at the arena for giving me these views of Harry Styles.
Thank God this catwalk existed, because even though my pictures are blurry, they were very close and it was a great view.
I think they are looking at me.


New friends, new experiences! We all had a great time seeing One Direction – whether for the first time or third!



In Leicester Square, I stumbled across the red carpet event for The Intern, a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. About a month later, I went to Ed Sheeran’s “green carpet” premiere of his concert movie.

This was taken over a 6-ft. fence. Still pretty proud of myself for that one.


I had originally planned on going down a few days before to get a wristband to be closer, but I was really sick. Luckily, I felt better the day of, and decided to stop by after a day in Camden Market. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and bring my camera with me!


The chances for concerts and red carpet premieres in a city like London are extremely high. My friend went to the Mockingjay Pt. 2 premiere while I was in Rome and she met all three stars of the movie. It’s incredible the opportunities you get in a big city like London!


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