Photo Essay: A Few Days in Bangkok


In May of 2014, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to embark on a two-week sociology trip to Thailand. The first few days of our journey was spent in the capital city, Bangkok. Having never been abroad and probably not doing enough research (beginner’s mistake), I faced surprises everywhere I turned. Here are some (low-quality iPhone 5) photos from my days in Bangkok.

“City of Life” is right – everyone is going and very nice.
A view from the walkway above the road. A cool sight to see – and look at all of that traffic!
A look down an alley in the Sala Daeng neighborhood. Full of all kinds of restaurants!
MBK Shopping Centre near Siam Center and Pathum Wan Junction. It is interesting to see how this mall is laid out and visit the numerous stores it has to offer.
Blurry picture of Bangkok at night from the Red Sky Bar at Centara Grand Hotel. There are 360 views of the city, comfy lounge chairs and delicious cocktails. We spent a view hours 55 stories up just relaxing and talking about life.
Thai Baht – I’m holding the equivalent of $41 USD, but the money is much prettier.
Drink cooler at the 7/11 near our hostel. I loved the colors and variety.
Patpong Road in the daytime. This area is notorious for shows. Unfortunately, a lot of the young girls featured in these shows are forced to participate, exploited and controlled. I don’t suggest contributing money to this area.

Bangkok is full of markets and street vendors, incredible things to do and, as the city’s nickname states, life. There are a lot of great things to do here, and there’s a way to have fun and still be ethical.




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