I’ll admit, I have been SO slacking on updating this blog. What can I say? I’m in London. Blogging is the last thing on my mind. Sorry Mom.

I’ll start with where I left off – I had mentioned our six-hour bus trip to Liverpool. Well, that bus got stuck in two hours worth of traffic, so the 3:30 drop-off in Liverpool City Centre turned into 6:00. By the time we had climbed off the bus, the travel centre was closed and we had NO idea how to get to our Airbnb from where we were. No maps, no internet, just the address of the flat. Luckily, after attempting to find map brochures in the Hilton lobby, a couple of city workers stopped us and helped us find the bus to take. The bus system was different to London, as in it doesn’t tell you what stop you are at. Luckily, as we were trying to read the street signs in the dark and find where we were on the map, a gentleman on the bus offered to help, telling us to get off at the next stop, otherwise we would be walking through a cemetery. (Thank you kind man.)
We walked about 15 minutes in the dark, four girls with backpacks, two with backpacks and luggage (!!!). We made it to our flat and COULD NOT get the key to work. We were probably close to tears. Trying to call the owner, she was in the shower. Finally, someone other than me tried and finally got in. To the neighbors, it probably looked like we were trying to break in. The flat was adorable, and we watched a British nightly talk show before going to bed.
We were out and about the next morning around 8 and didn’t realize that nothing would open until 9 am on Saturday mornings. We walked around the promenade along the water and finally found a hotel that served breakfast to the public, with wifi! I think we all agreed that was the best breakfast we had yet on this trip and it wasn’t even very expensive. Granted, Liverpool is a much cheaper city than London.
We made it downtown Liverpool to get to the Beatles Story but made a detour stop at the Central Perk Cafe. Yes, as in the Friends one. It was decorated just like it and they had a big orange couch in front of a TV playing Friends episodes. Coffees were sized Marcel (small) and Joey (very large). They had a signed episode script and I think we all loved it. We walked downtown a bit to the docks to get into the museum.
The Beatles Story was definitely my Liverpool highlight. As a huge Beatles fan, it was neat to see the memorabilia, history, and stories. The exhibits were very cool, ranging from each individual Beatles’ work after the band split to the British Invasion of America. I got a Sgt. Pepper’s sweater, a shot glass (that makes 5 in my collection), and a keychain.
The bus ride home was a lot less painful and even shorter. We take the Megabus in 2 weeks to Edinburgh, which is supposed to be a 9-hour journey.
This weekend I am headed off to Hamburg, Germany, flying RyanAir all by myself. I leave tonight (tomorrow) at 3:15 AM. I get to take night buses all the way to the train station since the tube isn’t open until about 5.
This week was an interesting one for me, starting to get more work for my classes, but also trying to balance being in London with that. My favorite band is in town, so a couple girls from school and I went to the hotel where they were supposedly staying to wait for them. It turns out it was their hotel, and I met about 10-15 really awesome girls that I am in a Twitter DM group with now. And they will be a good reference to when the band is back in town. Unfortunately, I got too tired and needed to actually work on schoolwork and we left before the band arrived. I almost went to the TV studios where they were filming a talk show yesterday, but I decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe and Primark on Oxford Street with a classmate after our field trip to the Tate Britain.
Balancing school and being in another country wanting to explore and meet new people is hard for sure, but I feel like I’m handling it well. I haven’t missed class yet, and I’m only planning on missing it once to see Ed Sheeran perform. Sorry Mom, but it’s Ed Sheeran and it’s free. I can miss one lecture, right?

I think I have booked my final trip within the school year (who knows, that could change), and that is to Madrid. November 13th, 10 (!!!) of us will be heading to Madrid for a long weekend. It was much cheaper than Barcelona – a Madrid round trip was $71. Traveling within Europe is ridiculously cheap compared to within the US. Paris is the most expensive one our group has encountered, and that was 80 pounds (about $120).

Hopefully I’m done booking, but I’ve gone kind of crazy, so who knows. I’m going to be a RyanAir and Megabus master by the end of this trip.

Morning walk along the Mersey River

Central Perk Cafe

The Beatles Story




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